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Owain (Eugenius) Gwynedd (ap Gruffydd) b. 1100 d. 23 Dezember 1170

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Sippe (bei der Geburt) Gwynedd
Geschlecht männlich
Gesamter Name (bei der Geburt) Owain (Eugenius) Gwynedd
Andere Familiennamen ap Gruffydd

w Gruffydd ? (ap Cynan) [Caernarvon] b. 1055 d. 1137

Anharad Verch Owain (Tegeingl) [Wales Fifteen NobleTribes - 12th] d. 1162

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1100 Geburt: Anglesey, Wales

Geburt eines Kindes: Maelgwn ? (ap Owain Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Madog ? (ap Owain Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Rotpert ? (ap Owain Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Rhodri ? (ap Owain Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Dafydd ? (ap Owain Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Iefan ? (Ap Owain Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Rhun ? (ap Owain Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Cynan ? (ap Owain Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Gwenllian ? (Verch Owen Gwynedd) [?]

Geburt eines Kindes: Angharad ? (Verch Owain Gwynedd) [?]

zw 1130 Titel : King of Gwynedd

1145 Geburt eines Kindes: w Iorwerth ap Owain (Drwyndwn) [Gwynedd] b. 1145 d. 1174

23 Dezember 1170 Tod:


His epithet is explained by the existence of another Owain ap Gruffudd, known as Owain Cyfeiliog.

He married, firstly, Gwladys, the daughter of Llywarch ap Trahaearn; and secondly, Christina, his cousin, the daughter of Goronwy ap Owain ‘the Traitor,’ Lord of Tegeingle, to whom he remained constant despite the active disapproval of the Church. He had eight sons (Iowerth, Rhun, Cynan, Iefan, Maelgwn, Madog, Rotpert & Idwal) and two daughters (Gwenllian wife of Owain Cyfeiliog and another) by the first lady; and two sons (Dafydd and Rhodri) and one daughter (Angharad wife of Gruffudd Maelor I) by the latter. He also had another relationship with Pyfog of Ireland, by whom he had a son, Hywel.

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Von Großeltern zu Enkelkinder

Owain ap Llys (Tegeingl)
Geburt: 1058, Aberlleinawg Castle
Tod: 1105
Ragnaid Audlaidsdotter
Geburt: 1031, Dublin, Ireland
Gruffydd ? (ap Cynan)
Geburt: 1055
Titel : zw 1081, King of Gwynedd
Tod: 1137
Anharad Verch Owain (Tegeingl)
Geburt: Tegaingel, Wales
Tod: 1162
== 3 ==
Gwenllian / vch Gruffydd
Geburt: 1085, Caernarfon, Wales, formerly : Caernarvon
Owain (Eugenius) Gwynedd (ap Gruffydd)
Geburt: 1100, Anglesey, Wales
Titel : zw 1130, King of Gwynedd
Tod: 23 Dezember 1170
== 3 ==
Iorwerth ap Owain (Drwyndwn)
Geburt: 1145
Titel : zw 1170, Prince of Gwynedd
Tod: 1174
Gruffydd I Maelor
Hochzeit: Angharad ? (Verch Owain Gwynedd)
Titel : Prince of Powys Fadog
Tod: 1191
Llywelyn ab Iorwerth (Drwyndwn)
Geburt: 1173, Dolwyddelan, Wales
Titel : 1200, King of Gwynedd
Tod: 11 April 1240, Conwy, Wales, Aberconwy Abbey

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