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Ernest LeRoy Brough b. 13 Dezember 1885 d. 16 Oktober 1918

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Sippe (bei der Geburt) Brough
Geschlecht männlich
Gesamter Name (bei der Geburt) Ernest LeRoy Brough

Samuel Richard Brough [Brough]

Phoebe Adeline Cherry [Cherry]


13 Dezember 1885 Geburt: Porteville (Utah), USA

Geburt eines Kindes: Ida Berenice Brough [Brough]

29 Juli 1909 Hochzeit: Salt Lake City, USA, L.D.S. Temple, Mima Marshall (Rode) [Marshall] d. 13 Juli 1965

30 August 1910 Geburt eines Kindes: Louis LeRoy Brough [Brough] b. 30 August 1910

7 Juni 1914 Geburt eines Kindes: Robert Marshall Brough [Brough] b. 7 Juni 1914 d. 8 September 1979

26 Oktober 1916 Geburt eines Kindes: Veda Mima Brough [Brough] b. 26 Oktober 1916

16 Oktober 1918 Tod: Lyman, USA

19 Oktober 1918 Bestattung: Lyman, USA

19 Oktober 1918 Geburt eines Kindes: Lyman, USA, Helen Metta Brough (Rode) [Brough] b. 19 Oktober 1918 d. 30 Mai 1979


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Ernest LeRoy Brough was born on December 13, 1885 in Porterville, Utah, to Samuel Richard Brough and Phoebe Adeline Cherry. Roy was the third son to Samuel Richard Brough, and as he grew up he was a great joy and comfort to his father.

Roy was a happy person and loved to dance. With his limber body and small feet he became well known for his dancing abilities. It was at one of these dances that he met the girl that was to become his wife: Mima Marshall, daughter of Ephraim Marshall and Ida Dotson. She was a pretty young lady and Roy really took to her. The only disappointment he found was that she was beginning to go out with his brother, Tom, and Roy knew that if he was ever going to get to know Mima, he had to learn to "beat Tom's time." So one night in 1909, Roy went to a church "box lunch dinner and dance," where the women fixed a lunch for two and placed it in a beautifully decorated lunch box to be raffled off later in the dance. Roy then spied which lunch box Mima had brought and bid top dollar for it. Of course, the price he paid for Mima's lunch box didn't bother him, since it gave him a chance to be with her. This began their courtship and they were finally married in the Salt Lake City L.D.S. Temple on July 28, 1909.

His father, mother, Mima's mother and oldest sister, Metta Heder, were all at Roy's house at the time, because Mima and the children had also come down with the flu. The epidemic was so bad that doctors would not even make house calls, and every family had to take care of themselves and their own dead. Roy died from the flu on October 16, 1918 and was buried by his father, Samuel R. Brough, his brother Thomas and brother-in-law, Clyde Bradshaw, on October 19, 1918 in Lyman. (His body was later moved to Ogden, Utah). A few hours following Roy's burial, Mima gave birth to their last child, a girl: Helen Metta, who just like her father, had large blue eyes and brown curly hair.

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== 2 ==
Mima Marshall (Rode)
Hochzeit: Rudolph Rode
Hochzeit: Ernest LeRoy Brough , Salt Lake City, USA, L.D.S. Temple
Tod: 13 Juli 1965, Buena Park (California), California, USA, Knotts Berry Farm
Bestattung: Ogden (Utah), USA
Ernest LeRoy Brough
Geburt: 13 Dezember 1885, Porteville (Utah), USA
Hochzeit: Mima Marshall (Rode) , Salt Lake City, USA, L.D.S. Temple
Tod: 16 Oktober 1918, Lyman, USA
Bestattung: 19 Oktober 1918, Lyman, USA
== 2 ==
Louis LeRoy Brough
Geburt: 30 August 1910
Robert Marshall Brough
Geburt: 7 Juni 1914
Tod: 8 September 1979
Veda Mima Brough
Geburt: 26 Oktober 1916
Helen Metta Brough (Rode)
Geburt: 19 Oktober 1918, Lyman, USA
Hochzeit: Robert Rudolph's son Rode
Tod: 30 Mai 1979

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