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Robert Marshall Brough b. 7 Juni 1914 d. 8 September 1979

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Sippe (bei der Geburt) Brough
Geschlecht männlich
Gesamter Name (bei der Geburt) Robert Marshall Brough

Mima Marshall (Rode) [Marshall] d. 13 Juli 1965

Ernest LeRoy Brough [Brough] b. 13 Dezember 1885 d. 16 Oktober 1918


7 Juni 1914 Geburt:

8 September 1979 Tod:


During the next few years, Roy saw two more of his children born: Robert Marshall, born on June 7, 1914; and Veda Mima, born on October 26, 1916.

Roy loved his children and took time to let them know he loved them and never punished them harshly or unwisely. After more children began to come, the ranch house became too small, so Mima and the children would spend the winter months in Roy's house in Lyman.

Mima lived to be 78 years old and saw many of the fruits of her labors come to pass. She died on July 13, 1965, of a heart attack at Knotts Berry Farm in California, while eating one of their wonderful chicken dinners. She was buried in Ogden, Utah in the Altorest Mortuary between her husband, Roy, and her oldest son, Louis. Since her death another daughter, Helen Metta, has died (on May 30, 1979), as has her second and last son, Robert Marshall (who died on September 8, 1979).

Von Großeltern zu Enkelkinder

Mima Marshall (Rode)
Hochzeit: Rudolph Rode
Hochzeit: Ernest LeRoy Brough , Salt Lake City, USA, L.D.S. Temple
Tod: 13 Juli 1965, Buena Park (California), California, USA, Knotts Berry Farm
Bestattung: Ogden (Utah), USA
Ernest LeRoy Brough
Geburt: 13 Dezember 1885, Porteville (Utah), USA
Hochzeit: Mima Marshall (Rode) , Salt Lake City, USA, L.D.S. Temple
Tod: 16 Oktober 1918, Lyman, USA
Bestattung: 19 Oktober 1918, Lyman, USA
== 3 ==
Louis LeRoy Brough
Geburt: 30 August 1910
Veda Mima Brough
Geburt: 26 Oktober 1916
Helen Metta Brough (Rode)
Geburt: 19 Oktober 1918, Lyman, USA
Hochzeit: Robert Rudolph's son Rode
Tod: 30 Mai 1979
Robert Marshall Brough
Geburt: 7 Juni 1914
Tod: 8 September 1979
== 3 ==

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