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[bearbeiten] Contact to HansVanderelf


after trying several times without success to send an email to another user I was adviced form Stanislav to use this discussion board. So, this is my last try/hope to get in contact with users of this site.

Sorry for that - I don't want to blame anybody!

OK, I'm still looking for some relatives named Scherfer/Schärfer or Schaerfer living in Wolhynien (Polen, Lodz) in the period ... 1800-1935. Specially I am interested in a person (and his ancestors) named Emanuel/Emmanuel and Julius Scherfer (brothers). They were probably born in 1830-1855.

I can see that a user named HansVanderelf has inserted these records. How can I get in contact to him to ask for further informations?

Regards Reiner

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