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Alice Greystoke b. 1140

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Sippe (bei der Geburt) Greystoke
Geschlecht weiblich
Gesamter Name (bei der Geburt) Alice Greystoke

Ives Greystoke [Greystoke] b. 1080 d. 1156

Agnes FitzWalter (Norman) [Normandy] b. 1084



1140 Geburt: Grimesthorpe, Lincolnshire, England

1150 Geburt eines Kindes: Dunbar (Scotland), East Lothian, Scotland, Agnes Dunbar [Dunbar] b. 1150

Tod: Scotland


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  1. - ‘The Complete Peerage’ (or ‘A History of the House of Lords and all its Members from the Earliest Times’); based on work by George Edward Cokayne (Clarenceux King of Arms, died 1911) and published in 12 volumes from 1910 to 1959 (volume XII in two parts) by The St. Catherine Press; each volume was edited by one or more of Vicary Gibbs, HA Doubleday, Lord Howard de Walton, Geoffrey H. White and R.S. Lea; volume XIII was added in 1940 for new creations from 1901 to 1938; a volume XIV was created in 1998 for “addenda and corrigenda”. Copies of some if not all of the volumes are held in many of the larger public libraries in the UK. This is particularly highly respected and has been widely used as a data source for genealogy-based web sites. We view it as one of our most reliable sources.
  2. - Location of Grimsthorpe

Von Großeltern zu Enkelkinder

Orn FitzSigulf (Norman)
Geburt: 1048, Greystoke (Cumbria), England, Then in Cumberland
Geburt: 1130, Greystoke (Cumbria), England
Maiden Greystoke
Geburt: 1058, Greystoke (Cumbria), England, Then in Cumberland
Walter FitzRoger (Norman)
Geburt: 1065, Gloucestershire, England
Tod: 1129, Llanthony Abbey, Gloucestershire, England
Nesta FitzRichard
Geburt: 1079, Herefordshire, England
Tod: 1093, England
Ives Greystoke
Geburt: 1080, Greystoke (Cumbria), England
Tod: 1156, Greystoke (Cumbria), England
Agnes FitzWalter (Norman)
Geburt: 1084, Greystoke (Cumbria), England, Then in Cumberland
== 3 ==
Edgar Dunbar
Geburt: 1122, Dunbar (Scotland), East Lothian, Scotland
Tod: 1140, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge, Westmorland, England, (Yanwath)
Alice Greystoke
Geburt: 1140, Grimesthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Tod: Scotland
== 3 ==
Agnes Dunbar
Geburt: 1150, Dunbar (Scotland), East Lothian, Scotland
Tod: Lancashire (England)
Eleanor Fleming
Geburt: 1187, Stainton in Kendal, Westmorland, England
Tod: 1228, Westmorland, England

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